Council of Churches of the Ozarks

Pitt Technology Group (PTG) recently completed a major AV equipment upgrade for the Council of Churches of the Ozarks (CCO) at their new headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. Our state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, installed in the chapel, conference rooms, and business offices, significantly enhances the organization’s ability to conduct meetings, presentations, and worship services.

Working closely with the CCO team, we installed a variety of AV equipment, including a high-quality 6,200-lumen projector with laser technology, a ceiling-recessed electric screen, and local HDMI input wall plates for easy connectivity. We also installed an 80-watt amplifier, wall-mounted column speakers, and six in-ceiling speakers for clear and powerful audio throughout the building.

Our installation of digital signage displays, including a 75″ display and a wall-mounted 75″ display, provides the CCO with an easy and effective way to share news, announcements, and other information with its members and the public. Additionally, we installed three 55″ Samsung displays and a BrightSign® player to display important information and presentations during meetings and worship services.

At PTG, we understand that every organization has unique AV needs. That’s why we worked closely with the CCO to ensure that their specific needs were met. We installed a 30X optical zoom PTZ camera, a 10x optical Pan-Tilt-Zoom USB camera, and an AMX all-in-one soundbar to facilitate conferencing and other activities, ensuring crystal-clear audio and video. We also installed several microphones and a wireless microphone antenna, ensuring that every participant’s voice is heard clearly.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality AV solutions that transform the way our clients do business is reflected in our work with the CCO. Our attention to detail ensures that every project is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, and we take pride in the positive impact our AV solutions have on their operations.

The CCO is very pleased with the results of our installation, which has allowed the organization to better serve its members and the community. Our commitment to providing the best possible AV solutions to our clients is reflected in our long history of providing quality equipment and services. We strive to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients, and our work with the CCO is a testament to our dedication and expertise.

PDR Finesse Tools homepage

PDR Finesse Tools, Inc – E-Commerce Redesign

PDR Finesse Tools, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Ike Rhoades in Ava, MO. After a long and successful career as an autobody technician and body shop manager, Ike’s dream was to develop the strongest and highest quality paintless dent repair tools in the industry and involve his family to create a lasting legacy. Under his leader leadership, the PDR Finesse family pioneered the adjustable handle tools and revolutionized the sharp tool movement. The PDR team came to Pitt Technology Group initially to troubleshoot their previous e-commerce site. 

After an in-depth investigation of the website our team found:  

  • Misconfigurations affected their workflow and revenue stream. 
  • The E-commerce platform was not easily customizable for our client. 
  • Their website host was unreliable, causing site outages and hindered the online shopping experience.

After configuring their order statuses, automated order email notifications, and shipping calculation settings, the owners reported back saying the changes saved them extra manual hours from their workflow.

Another thing apparent was their e-commerce platform was a one-stop-shop and the storefront was not easily customizable for our client. We recommended them to have us migrate their store to a more reliable and intuitive e-commerce platform and for our developer to give their online store a facelift.

With the guidance of our project manager and in-depth communication with the developer, the client got to be highly involved in the migration, redesign, and configuration processes.  It is important to PTG to establish a close professional relationship with our customers, as we respect our clients’ feedback to ensure we achieve the goals they desire for their business. 

Some additional items that were on PDR Finesse Tools, Inc’s wishlist for a seamless e-commerce experience:

  • Shoppers could do guest checkout or save their info to an account,  
  • Automated shipping tracking notifications,  
  • No stock management,  
  • Secure payments via Paypal or credit card, 
  • Custom contact forms – one in which shoppers could request a custom tool to be built to specific standards,
  • Responsive on different devices (website can be viewed on differently-sized screens,) 
  • And a dashboard that easily integrated with their warehouse packing/shipping workflow.

The owners of PDR Finesse Tools, Inc. commented they felt less stress knowing we were taking care of the tech side of the business and were enthusiastic with the outcome of their new e-commerce website. 

salon service group building

Salon Service Group

Salon Service Group is a salon product distributor for licensed cosmetologists that supports locations across 11 states. As they continued to expand they needed IT solutions that would allow retail branches to quickly, easily, safely, and consistently send transaction information to the primary data center in Springfield, Missouri. That’s where our IT management team came in.

Coca Cola conference room

Coca Cola – Modernizing Spaces

The Ozarks Coca-Cola Dr. Pepper Bottling Company contracted us to design and implement an Audio-Visual (AV) System for their new training room, located within their new warehouse being built at their Springfield HQ. This AV system consists of a laser projector, audio-conferencing room microphone, and a PTZ USB Video Conference Camera. The AV system is fully and easily controlled via a Crestron Touch Screen Control System. Presenters will have the choice of using a handheld mic or lavalier, as well as being able to seamlessly display their content using the Crestron Wireless Presentation Device. Sound is reproduced using multiple pendant speakers for a surround-sound experience. This system provides a great environment to best train the Coca-Cola team.