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Pitt Technology Group didn’t start as the one-stop-shop for your professional technology needs that we are today. Founded by Doug Pitt in 1991, we started as a mom-and-pop computer shop named ServiceWorld Computer Center. In the past 5 years we have more than tripled in size with our staff, acquisitions, and projects. From staring behind the counter at ServiceWorld in 2004-2005, Co-Owner Kevin Waterland has held nearly every position at Pitt Technology Group. Starting in support staff he moved to assistant engineer and even ended up founding three of our companies. The longevity of our employees is a testament to our investment in each staff member, and we are dedicated to spending years developing their skill set. Not only do we want our customers to thrive, but we want to see everyone win, including our employees.
As you know it today, Pitt Technology Group is essentially 5 separate companies that are extremely specialized but cohesive, all for your benefit. Five companies under one roof may sound like a lot, but we’ve got a secret ingredient that makes us the best.
What’s our secret ingredient? Teamwork! Combining introverted, t-shirt-wearing software engineers with workers in hard hats and high-visibility construction vests is a task that takes understanding, communication, and a common goal. That goal is you, your business, and what matters to you. Making each of our teams work together seamlessly offers you a great experience and an even better final product.

Doug Pitt
Kevin Waterland
(Owner / General Manager)