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1900 N Le Compte Ave. Suite 15, Springfield, MO 65802


Directions to the Underground:

  1. We recommend using the South East entrance on Le Compte Rd. (between Kearney and Division).
  2. Follow the small road from the entrance all the way down to the left curve (North). There will be a gate with a buzzer.
  3. Press the buzzer and it will likely automatically open the gate, but sometimes they may ask for building number. We are Bldg 15.
  4. Drive down the ramp and take your first left (after the pillar – the pillars are like medians).
  5. At your next sign with Bldg #s, take another left then straight at the stop sign.
  6. Building 15 will be on your left – turn after the first set of pillars and that is the front of our building.
  7. We will buzz you into the foyer.

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