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Springfield Regional Arts Council – Connecting to the Arts

The Springfield Regional Arts Council (SRAC) is a non-profit organization connecting people and the arts. SRAC’s outreach in the arts is the largest in the state of Missouri – providing support to prominent organizations among different industries, such as: visual, performing, literary, and film/media.

Due to its impact, SRAC needed a new website that could seamlessly integrate with the different services they provide to the community, but also aesthetically convey their main mission and values.

Pitt Technology Group had several requirements to meet when creating the new SRAC website, so that the small team at SRAC can continue to coordinate special programs and events both online and around the Springfield, MO area:

• Have an events calendar that could accommodate recurring, annual, and one-time events. Also, be able to filter those events by special categories.
• A form for community leaders and artists to promote and add their events to the calendar, with prior review and approval by a Springfield Regional Arts Council staff member.
• A way to showcase upcoming important events on the homepage.
• Creator info had to be transferred from SRAC’s old website into the new Artist Registry database where artist profiles can be searched, filtered, and viewed in detail by site visitors.
• Membership access so artists can register, login, and edit their individual profiles.
• Resource pages to explain how creators, patrons, and organizations can be involved in shaping the Springfield arts community.
• Pages to inform the public on the multitude of community and youth programs, special events, and all the important work SRAC does to support the arts.

Per feedback from The Springfield Regional Arts Council social media page:
“Technologically up-to-date, beautifully designed, and very user-friendly the site is everything we dreamed of!”

geek foundation

Geek Foundation

Pitt Technology Group partnered with Community Foundation of the Ozarks was excited to announce another recipient of the COVID-19 Agency Technology Assistance Grant to The Geek Foundation.

The Geek Foundation is an innovative nonprofit providing free interactive education, resources, and support to future tech professionals, enthusiasts, and especially to those who make the tech industry more diverse.

With this $3,500 grant, Pitt Technology Group provided and configured 25 Amazon Fire Tablets that will enable The Geek Foundation to better facilitate content delivery and video conferencing. These tablets will help improve access for all those who have an interest in computer programming, IT, and maker technologies in our community. 

SeniorAge logo

SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging

Pitt Technology Group partnered with Community Foundation of the Ozarks to announce another recipient of the COVID-19 Agency Technology Assistance Grant to SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging.

SeniorAge plays a key role in planning, developing, coordinating, and delivering a wide range of service and support that prolongs independent, meaningful life at home and within our community.  

Pitt Technology Group provided and installed a Video Conference System at their headquarters, along with a remote site system.  This totaled in a $10,190 investment upgrade.  SeniorAge is tasked with assisting 17 counties throughout our territory in Southwest Missouri.  These new video conference systems will certainly help their programs and services become more successful throughout our Ozark community.  

AIDS Project of the Ozarks logo

Aids Project of the Ozarks

AIDS Project of the Ozarks was another recipient of the COVID-19 Agency Technology Assistance Grant, which was a partnership between Pitt Technology Group and Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

APO is a non-profit community-based organization serving a 29-county region in SW Missouri providing medical, testing, and educational services to their clients and their families. 

With the $11,440 grant, Pitt Technology Group provided and installed a Video Conference System in their mobile RV unit.  The technology enabled APO to teleconference with medical professionals that can better serve clients in remote areas.  Also, PTG upgraded their existing main office conference room with an improved video conferencing system to better support the clients within our community.  

The Creamery Arts Center

The Creamery Arts Center

In June of 2020, the Springfield Regional Arts Council (SRAC) contacted Pitt Technology Group for help with fixing and finalizing their internet services at the city’s central arts hub, The Creamery.


The SRAC’s physical offices were temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving a handful of employees to work remotely. The technology issues were immediately apparent, and the Arts Council had to purchase new laptops and go through the hurdle of internet setup and integration.


It was found that an old server held all of the Arts Councils’ files, resulting in regular crashes due to battery backup issues, and was stored in a very public place that often caused even more headaches. Moreover, when SRAC wanted to upgrade the building with new cabling, install a new internet provider, and connect their phones, the City of Springfield’s responsibilities stopped after internet purchase and phone delivery. The Springfield Regional Arts Council and the tenants of The Creamery were left with phones and an internet provider they did not know how to operate. Enter Pitt Technology Group.


We first helped by installing a trusted central network, which solved the common issue of tenants stepping on each other’s feet while working without wireless boundaries. Not only did we replace their entire wireless system, but we added new cabling where necessary, set up their phones, and helped install a Firewall for proper network separation. Now, with new services installed by Pitt, members of The Creamery and SRAC are able to enjoy their own virtual network that is unaffected by others, secures their data, and does not crash.


The Creamery is a vital hub that helps elevate the services the Regional Arts Council can provide to Springfield. That’s exactly why we installed and continue to manage their infrastructure and internal network for free, and ensure their data stays safe and secure. Thanks to previous business relationships with each organization, PTG was able to seamlessly help complete the goals of SRAC to provide the community with arts opportunities and experiences. Between the responsibilities of the City of Springfield as well as the SRAC, Pitt Technology Group filled the gaps of equipment and technology services to help the Ozarks better enjoy the arts. 

Drew Lewis Foundation logo

Drew Lewis Foundation

Pitt Technology Group partnered with Community Foundation of the Ozarks was excited to announce another COVID-19 Agency Technology Assistance Grant to the Drew Lewis Foundation.

The mission of Drew Lewis Foundation is to educate, empower, and support under-served families through personalized programs and coaching to build resilient communities. 

Pitt Technology Group, with the help of our friends at Graybar, provided an additional $19,050 for Infrastructure Data Cabling and a Video Conference System that was installed at The Fairbanks headquarters.  This enhanced the tools DLF previously used in providing individuals and their families a better quality of life in the urban Grant Beach neighborhood.