Pitt Acquires Protel

Pitt Acquires Protel

Pitt Technology Group, LLC, today announced that the company will acquire Protel Systems and Supplies, its third acquisition in three years. Pitt Technology Group will add Protel’s 39 years of experience in telecommunication system installation, maintenance, and design to its already extensive suite of technology services currently provided to local and national businesses, education, houses of worship, and municipalities.

Protel was founded in 1983 by Steve Thompson, sold to a team of internal staff, and later retained by Shane and his wife Kimberly in 2019. Growing significantly since its founding, Protel has become one of the leading telecommunications support and installation companies in Springfield, Missouri. The company’s legacy of reliable service and support made it an ideal addition to Pitt Technology Group. As a part of this transition, Protel recently sold its office at 2929 N. Eastgate and will integrate operations into Pitt Technology’s headquarters in the Springfield Underground.

Pitt Technology Group was formed in October 2017, by Doug Pitt and Kevin Waterland after the two reacquired the business Doug started in 1991, then going by the name of ServiceWorld Computer Center. The company has seen significant growth since its formation, almost tripling in revenue and employee count. A company spokesperson has said that once complete, the transaction will allow Pitt Technology Group to expand its offering to include managed phone services and legacy phone system maintenance and support.

“Protel has been around for a very long time and has a long history of providing excellent low voltage and telecommunication services in the Springfield area. We are pleased to add them to our team and we’re looking forward to having their expertise as we extend our technology services to include phones. We plan to immediately start offering cloud-based managed phone systems with 24×7 locally-based support to their and our customers.” -Kevin Waterland

Contact Information:
Kevin Waterland
General Manager/Owner
Pitt Technology Group, LLC